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My son's Bar Mitzvah needed to be better than all the other ones I went to. This floor was an amazing Bar Mitzvah dance floor, and I'm super happy that we got it. It really lit up the place too!

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I needed my party to be the best event that any of my guests ever attended. I decided to get a light up dance floor rental that was different than any other in Miami. This lighted dance floor was better than any of the others.

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I needed to rent an illuminated disco dance floor for my mother's 50th birthday party. I decided that there was no better company in West Palm Beach to rent the dance floor from than these guys. 5 stars!!

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I only use the best, because I'm the best. I need my events in Miami Beach to be extraordinary. I rent my light up dance floors from NY LED Furniture, because I need to ensure that everything will go as I intended.

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Our wedding was meant to be the best in Orlando. I thought that renting an LED dance floor for our great event. The party was the best wedding that many of my guests had ever attended.

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My son was going to have his Bar Mitzvah, and I wanted it to be better than all the other Bar Mitzvahs I had attended. Renting an LED dance floor was exactly what I needed to really show up the other parents.

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Our daughter's Sweet Sixteen had to be the best that could be designed. The event needed the brightest lighted dance floor in Pompano-Beach. NYLED Furniture brought the best acrylic staging in Pompano-Beach.

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Our Halloween party was going to be the hottest in Miami. Not even in Fort Lauderdale would we have found a luxury LED dance floor rental for a holiday event.

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When we knew that we were going to need a lighted dance floor for the production of our commercial, we wanted to make sure that we used a company that had a history of working in the production environment. NY LED Furniture has been on many TV shows and commercials, and they all looked great. We had all the confidence in them, and we weren't disappointed

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